We at the DDL Group recognise that our activities and operations have a have a potential significant
impact on the wider social, environmental and economic well being of the areas in which we work
and operate and to our Stakeholders. These include our customers, employees, regulatory bodies,
investors, suppliers, the community and the environment.

We are committed to keeping up to date and complying with all environmental legislations, codes of
practice, technical advances and customer’s requirements. Protecting the Environment by striving to
prevent and minimise our contribution to pollution of land, air and water.

Purchasing environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. Re-using or recycling waste when possible.
Using raw materials in a manner that reduces waste. Developing our management processes to
ensure that the environment factors are considered during the Planning and implementation stage.

DDL Group are always monitoring and continuously improving our environmental performance.

DDL Group is committed to sustainability and consider environmental protection, accountability,
transparency and inclusiveness as the facets to sustainable development. We work towards
Preventing contamination of water sources when constructing and repairing earth embankments
and drainage systems. Spoil, chemicals and fuel will be stored away from water sources and spill
responses in place to deal with accidents. Recycling at source to minimise waste, travel and
reducing carbon footprint of managing work across the business. Methods of addressing this
include, but are not limited to, sourcing local materials, reducing workforce travel with vehicle
sharing and overnight stays.

We are members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School , continually
improving and updating or training and knowledge working towards the Government Construction
2025 Strategy .



DDL Registered Office has recently moved to the outskirts of Maidstone, Kent  , at which the premises is situated on 2 acres of woodland .  The Company is keen to keep this area as woodland as well as plant further fruit trees to enable all benefits to the environment, mitigate climate change, wildlife, our health and the community impact.





As a rapidly expanding business, we are always looking to increase our workforce as well as continually train existing staff.

As a minimum, all staff must hold CSCS cards, although we are able to assist you with these, should you not have them already.

DDL ensures that all of its employees and job applicants are treated equally, irrespective of disability, race, colour, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, age, gender, marital status or sexuality under the Equality Act 2010

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